With a long career in Construction Management, Ron Weiss developed an appreciation for the geometry, symmetry and repetition that exists in the buildings and structures that surround us.

Starting as a curiosity of the materials, mean and methods used in construction, Ron's photography has developed into an artistic expression that allows the viewer to see these structures, not as a whole,  but as constituent parts of a complex canvas of shapes, colors and textures.

Ron has the opportunity to travel extensively for work, always with camera in hand, admiring and memorializing the beauty of the concrete, glass and steel landscapes we live in. He was a winner of the 2015 Tampa Bay Magazine competition, and has been exhibiting his work in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

​He is also a visiting member of United Photographic Artists Gallery (click here)

Being a first generation American, Christine Ghezzo grew up inside multiple cultural contexts and languages (Romanian, Hungarian, Greek & Italian). With photography, she explores the complex layers of life in urban environments, often focusing on the immigrant neighborhoods of her hometown, Queens. As a result, illusionary spaces, signage, intense colors, spirituality, sexuality and humor are infused into her work. Photography is her process of meditating on the full spectrum of human experience through the structures we create and the places we inhabit. Christine was born with mild cerebral palsy, and themes of mobility also appear in the form of bicycles, scooters and cars.

She won an award from the Queens Museum of Art for her street photography, and has been exhibiting her work in the Tampa Bay area.

Her work is also represented by United Photographic Arts Gallery (click here)

Currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida, Christine often travels to Cuba and other areas of the world to find inspiration for her photography and music projects as a World Music vocalist. While photographing, she makes use of the lightest equipment possible: an Iphone and a Mirrorless Camera, sometimes fitted with vintage lenses. Post-processing is kept to a minimum.

To view Christine’s music website, (click here)